10 Dream 3D Blu-ray Releases


Iron Man flying at us in 3D? Bring it on!

While we wait for Avatar's true Blu-ray release -- you know, the one that will be in 3D -- here are more movies we'd love to see out in 3D someday.

Apr. 22, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

The list of 3D-capable displays and disc players seems to grow every day.

Unfortunately, there’s only one 3D Blu-ray disc available on the market right now, the Monsters vs. Aliens disc packed into the Samsung 3D Starter Pack and sold seperately at a handful of other retailers. 

Even some of this year’s biggest 3D blockbusters in theaters, like Avatar and Alice In Wonderland, have been confirmed lacking in 3D Blu-ray releases.

And in light of today’s Blu-ray/Earth Day release of Avatar, this lack of major 3D releases—or any releases for that matter—has left a few of us EH staffers pondering what our dream 3D releases might be. We won’t hold our collective breath (though there always seems to be buzz about how Lucas may work on Star Wars), but in the meantime click here to view a slideshow of our 10 Dream 3D Blu-ray Releases (sequels included).

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