$100 APC UPS Coming in January


By shutting down “dark loads,” APC says that consumers can save up to $40 each year.

The Back-UPS ES 750 throws in automatic shut-off features for those looking to go green.

Dec. 03, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

While we love the idea of uninterruptible power supplies, it can be a tough sell. Who wants to spend the extra cash on something that doesn’t make concerts and explosions bigger or louder?

Well, if you’ve ever been zapped (like I have), the sell is not so hard. APC is enticing a bit more by making the Back-UPS ES 750 available for the affordable price of $100.

The big hook is not just the ES 750’s price tag or promises that it will save your current equipment from getting fried, but it can also save you a couple of bucks by cutting off power to unused peripherals when your computer is resting comfortably. APC says the savings is about 40 bucks a year. It’s not much, but add in the bragging rights on how you are “doing your part” when it comes to the environment—and can you really put a price on that?

Engadget says that other features include 10 power outlets and 450 watts of power, which translates to 70 minutes of runtime.

The Back-UPS ES 750 will be available next month.

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