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PowerSquid Surge Protectors = Cool & Creepy
This line of power strips offers multiple outlets in a funky package.
The Calamari edition has two blue neon glowing outlets to ensure you can always find a plug under a dark desk.
September 25, 2007 by Rachel Cericola

This is the time of year when we start getting bombarded with gift ideas. The PowerSquid isn’t a brand new product, but it’s worth a mention—and possibly a purchase as well.

This freaky little surge protector is the perfect gift: One PowerSquid should stuff an entire stocking, and it says, “I care about your electronics.” It’s also got a bit of an “Alien” thing going on. Hopefully it won’t try to suck your face off, but it could give mom a bigger scare than some fat guy coming down the chimney.

The press release says that “finally, surge protectors are going sexy.” Whew—hold on, was someone actually waiting on that? Not sure, but we will give PowerSquid the blue ribbon for most unique power strip.

Models are $18 to $85 (for the “Calamari” edition), depending on the number of outlets and Joules. You can get it online or at Target and other places you’ll be scrambling for last-minute gifts.


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