Play Room Theater Equipment Rack Includes Washer/Dryer
One accommodation that had to be made for this multipurpose media room was including the washer and dryer, but the CE pros managed to tuck even that away.
FINALIST: Best Fun Room
August 28, 2009 by Arlen Schweiger

Originally, this sweet Lake Tahoe weekend home was not going to have a television. Maybe the family’s four kids would have put up a fight, but then again there are more than enough viewing opportunities in the main home—our award-winner that features a plasma and drop-down projection screen in the family room.

Well, this weekend retreat eventually did wind up with a media room, especially for the kids as part of a playroom/multipurpose media room, but it came with a catch. Because we really do mean multipurpose—the converted spare room had to house the washer and dryer.

Ordinarily that might be a pretty big and conspicuous inconvenience. Leave it to custom electronics professionals to integrate that into an entertainment system. OK, no not as some smart washer/dryer connected to an automation system—but aesthetically as simply another type of component that could be stored in an equipment cabinet.

CE pro Rolling Thunder Group stacked the washer and dryer in the cabinet on the right side of a 65-inch Panasonic plasma, while power sources are shelved in the custom cabinet on the left, and other A/V gear, like the video sources, surround-sound electronics and SpeakerCraft audio distribution components, are housed in a Middle Atlantic pullout rack system within cabinetry below the TV.

“The media room is prewired and framed for a drop screen,” says Rolling Thunder’s Jeff Symonds, but, “we had just completed the family’s primary residence with a drop down but the costs were adding up so we decided to prepare for a phase 2.”

Phase 2 is no slouch. There’s the aforementioned Panasonic Pro 65 plasma, a Denon Blu-ray player, Integra processing and SpeakerCraft 7.1 surround sound system with an Artison in-wall subwoofer, Monster Power power supplies, and RTI control over everything.

The back patio’s A/V is also fed by the media room/play room’s gear. Also for the kids, there’s a chalkboard that comprises the wall to the left of the media center, and they can climb up to a loft area from which the plasma can be seen.

“The display is viewable from the loft,” says Symonds, and the space “makes a lot of room for slumber parties and play dates.”

And if the kids get chalkdust all over themselves, well, there’s always the washer and dryer ready after the movie’s over.

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Arlen Schweiger - Contributor, Electronic House Magazine
Arlen writes about home technology installations and product news and reviews for and Electronic House magazine.

Installer/Equipment List

Systems Design & Installation
Rolling Thunder Group
San Rafael, CA

Equipment List
Panasonic th-65pf10uk 1 65” 1080p plasma display
Chief pdrub 1 heavy duty articulating bracket
Chief 2458 1 adapter plate for pdrub
Panamax iwk 1 plasma power kit
Integra dtc-9.8 1 a/v processor
Denon 2500 1 blu-ray player
Integra cdc-3.4 1 six cd carousel
Integra dsa2x 1 ipod interface
Polk Audio xrt12 1 component xm tuner
Motorola dch6416 1 cable box
SpeakerCraft aim c 5 3 Five Series AIM Cinema LCR
Artison rcc 1 in-wall subwoofer, amp, enclosure
SpeakerCraft DIaim8 five 4 Dipole 8” Aim Series Five
SpeakerCraft aim8 five 4 8” Aim Series Five
Monster Power mpa3250 1 3 channel amplifier
Monster Power mpa2250 1 2 channel amplifier
Monster Power mpa2250 1 2 channel amplifier
Monster Power mpa5150ss 1 5 channel amplifier 4ea OE8 and Sub Rox
Monster Power mpp5100ss 1 PRO 20a signature line conditioner/surge
Monster Power mpp2000 2 PRO 20A signature voltage stabilizer
NHT nx-2 1 xover for sub rox
RTI t2-c 1 color touchscreen remote
RTI rp6 1 control system processor
RTI rm433 1 rf antenna
RTI cm232 2 rs232 adapter
RTI ext 6 ir extensions
RTI ant ext 1 rf antenna extension
Middle Atlantic axs-43-26 1 pullout rack system
Middle Atlantic track 50 1 pullout tracks
Middle Atlantic ts310 1 track stands
Middle Atlantic rsh4-c 20 clamp kits
Middle Atlantic srsr-X-24 2 24 space pullout rack system
Middle Atlantic rsh4a 10 custom alum trim
Middle Atlantic ud2 1 rack drawer
Middle Atlantic vtp1 16 vent spacers
Middle Atlantic ts 4 trim strips/screw cover trim strips
Middle Atlantic hp 2 screw package
Middle Atlantic dvd 3 dvd / ipod storage
Middle Atlantic cd 1 cd storage
Middle Atlantic pd-1220c-ns 1 vertical power strip
Middle Atlantic pb-5a 1 power strip mounting kit
Middle Atlantic lace-44-owp 1 lacing bars big
Middle Atlantic lace-37-op 1 lacing bars small
Select Resources rj45-rs232 4 rs232 to rj45 adapters
Select Resources rs232 2 rs232 cable
Xantech mini 8 infrared emitters
SpeakerCraft s4dc 1 4 zone speaker selector
SpeakerCraft mzc66 1 6 room multi zone controller w/o keypads
SpeakerCraft mode base 2 ipod base
SpeakerCraft mode base adpt 2 ipod base adapter
SpeakerCraft mode pwr 1 mode power supply
SpeakerCraft rs232 1 rs232 module for xm
Monster Cable thx 1 svideo cable
Monster Cable thx 5 digital audio cable
Monster Cable thx 5 1000 series hdmi cable
Monster Cable thx 1 thx rack wiring
Monster Cable 14/2thx 12 14/2 THX speaker wire
Monster Cable 12ext 3 12’ power cords
Monster Cable 124436 7 M-Series xlr cables
Monster Cable mc1000 4 25’ hdmi cable
Belkin rgbhv 4 5 wire mini analog
Pro Connect conn 2 coax connectors
Leviton modular 8 modular wallplates
Install Materials ncbx 5 new construction box

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