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People Want Voice-Activated TVs, Study Finds
Westinghouse found that people want to buy a screen that knows the sound of your voice. So when can we expect one?
It’s not enough to have a big, flat TV; people are always looking for the next big feature.
September 20, 2007 by Rachel Cericola

Westinghouse Digital Electronics recently conducted a survey to determine what consumers wanted to add to their TVs. Surprisingly, it wasn’t a $1 price tag or the ability to make its own popcorn, it was voice recognition.

Apparently, consumers want to rid themselves of the remote altogether. I couldn’t imagine the shouting matches my husband and I would get into with such an option.

Other funky features people would like to see include:
> Touchscreen
> 120Hz Refresh Rate
> Wireless Capabilities
> Energy Conservation
> Built-in DVR
> Built-in DVD
> Bluetooth

I remember a few years back seeing Motorola talk about voice-recognition TVs. I don’t think they ever materialized though. However, some of the selections are available, so this list seems a bit weird. People really want a built-in DVD player? I have a TV with a dead VHS deck that I’d like to show them.

More than 1,200 consumers responded to the poll. I think I’d want the energy conservation, but if I wasn’t trying to be politically correct, I’d got for a built-in ice cream maker and video game console. What do you guys want?

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