Pass Labs Unleashes SR1 Loudspeaker
The second loudspeaker offering from Pass Labs, the $25,000/pair SR1 is a four-way floorstander that replaces the Rushmore.
pass sr1
Pass Labs’ SR1 loudspeaker
December 09, 2008 by Arlen Schweiger

Pass Labs is known for some pretty hefty and high-performance amps and preamps, but the name “Rushmore” says plenty about the company’s lone foray into loudspeakers. That’s until now—Pass Labs has introduced its second loudspeaker, the SR1, and it’s mountain-like in its own right.

The SR1 will be replacing the Rushmore, and it’ll be doing so in style as a four-way floorstanding model made up of four independently adjustable amplification packages and four-way active crossover.

The behemoth but beautiful speaker is actually two enclosures combined—a big bass enclosure that contains 10-inch and 8-inch drivers for the bottom four octaves, and an adjustable smaller cabinet with the midrange and tweeter.

For total accuracy, detail and dynamics that are sure to produce a mind-blowing audio experience, the system can be bi-amplified or even quad-amped.

Drivers feature Nextel-coated cones and a Crescendo tweeter from Seas of Norway, and altogether sensitivity is about 90 dB for a 2.8V input, the company says.

On top of its musical reproduction, there’s aesthetic splendor as well so you don’t have to be worried about the clash of audiophile and interior design—the SR1 will enhance your decor, and certainly be a good conversation piece.

Look for the SR1 at $25,000 per pair—it’ll be shown off at next month’s CES show.

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