Old-School Phone Has Very Current Price
For $500, this mobile phone provides all of the look of the Batphone with none of the flash.
August 31, 2007 by Rachel Cericola

Everyone wants to have a unique looking mobile phone. Whether you’re typing away like a mental patient or give off the appearance like you’re talking to yourself (is technology made to make us look crazy?), it seems like it’s important to not just keep in contact with people, but look good while doing so.

What better way to get attention of your fellow phone users than to bust out this baby? This old-school rotary phone is portable. Just unload it from your presumably massive backpack, pop in a SIM card, and you’re ready to chat.

I can just imagine dialing from the car. This thing needs it’s own law about pulling over to make calls.

It says you’re retro, I guess—and should get you about as much attention as a Batsignal. Maybe that’s because it also says you’ve got money to spend on a phone, since the Sci-Fi Tech guys are reporting that it’s $500.


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