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Obama Ads in Video Games?
The presidential hopeful has been popping up in EA's popular Xbox Live titles.
Burnout Paradise Obama
Presidential hopeful Barack Obama’s reach has extended to inside EA’s “Burnout Paradise.”
October 15, 2008 by Rachel Cericola

It’s one thing to insert an ad for Verizon in our “30 Rock,” but destroy the sanctity of “Madden NFL?”

Of course, ads in video games are nothing new, but Crunch Gear says that Barack Obama has been spotted in several EA games. Sadly, he’s not an unlockable character or anything; the Obama campaign has purchased ad space in nine EA titles, including “Madden NFL 09,” “Need For Speed: Carbon,” and “Burnout Paradise.”

Rest easy, though. If Obama wins or loses, you won’t have to stare at that old ad two years from now—assuming you haven’t already sent those titles to the great garage sale in the sky. The ads are only appearing when connected to Xbox Live, which means they will probably get swapped out at some point.

The Obama ads direct gamers to his website. Also kind of interesting: The ads only appear in the 10 swing states—Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Indiana, Montana, North Carolina, New Mexico, Nevada, Ohio and Wisconsin.

According to Holly Rockwood, EA’s director of corporate communications (via The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room), the ads started popping up on October 6 and will run until November 3.

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