NVIDIA Upgrades Vision 3D Glasses for Gamers
The Vision 2 promises better, brighter 3D for your PC.
October 17, 2011 by Rachel Cericola

We get so consumed with the at-home 3D experience. It’s certainly easy to forget that there’s a whole world of 3D options out there, specifically designed for PC use. NVIDIA hasn’t forgotten. In fact, they are making it better.

The company just announced NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 (pictured right), a pair of newly redesigned, gamer-inspired glass. The glasses are about 20 percent larger, which may sound uncomfortable. However, they are made of soft composite materials, and promise to block more external light and create a wider viewing area.

Because they use NVIDIA’s active-shutter and IR wireless technologies, they are not designed for TV use. However, if you have a compatible PC setup, you can use these for 3D gaming, as well as to view Blu-ray 3D discs and YouTube’s 3D content.

If you’re in need of such a setup, check out the ASUS VG278H monitor (pictured below). This 27-inch LED 1080p monitor includes NVIDIA’s newly announced 3D LightBoost. This new display technology promises bright, bold colors for that 3D PC experience.

“Gorgeous, bright, crystal-clear 3D worlds are created by NVIDIA’s 3D Vision 2 glasses with 3D LightBoost monitors and notebooks,” said Phil Eisler, general manager of 3D Vision at NVIDIA. “NVIDIA’s engineering team has made incredible enhancements in 3D on PCs, creating a breathtaking gaming experience that’s better than the best Hollywood 3D movie.”

NVIDIA says that the new Vision 2 glasses are backwards compatible with NVIDIA 3D Vision Ready content and supporting products, such as monitors, notebooks and projectors, video applications, and cameras.

The 3D Vision 2 glasses kit includes one pair of glasses and a wireless USB IR emitter, for $149 (MSRP). You can snag additional pairs for $99 each. The ASUS VG278H will start selling by the end of this month. It will come packing one pair of Vision 2 glasses, for $699.

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