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Nintendo Makes Holiday Announcements
The company announced new add-ons and upcoming games. Were you expecting something else?
Nintendo Wii Speak
Nintendo just announced the Wii Speak Channel, which uses a microphone on top of your TV for chat in up to four locations.
October 02, 2008 by Rachel Cericola

For the past few days, we’ve heard about the possibilities of a new Wii, and even a new DS. Well, Nintendo finally cleared up a few things (sort of), at today’s Fall Media Summit in San Francisco.

First of all, there will be a new Nintendo handheld, the DSi. The company did confirm some of the features, such as a 3-megapixel camera, twin screens that are 3.25 inches each, and an SD card slot. Crave says you can also expect to download games via a DSi Shop. When? We’re not sure. The unit will get a Japan release in November, but probably won’t hit the U.S. until late into 2009.

You’ll have to wait on that, but the company is planning a variety of goodies in time for the 2008 holiday shopping season. First of all, for those of you hoping Santa will deliver a Wii this holiday, the company says there should be plenty of consoles for all—even those on the naughty list.

There will also be plenty of games, including “Tetris Party,” “World of Goo,” “Punch-Out!!,” “Mario & Luigi RPG 3,” and a new “Personal Trainer” series, which will help beef you up on everything from exercise to cooking to math skills.

Next month, the Wii Speak Channel will make its debut. Get yourself a Wii Speak microphone ($30), which sits on top of the TV, and you’ll receive a code that allows you to download the channel for no additional charge. From there, you can chat with users around the globe (in up to four locations), all while your Mii mimics your chat.  The mic will also come in handy in games, such as “Animal Crossing: City Folk.”

Finally, Club Nintendo will start rewarding customers that fill out surveys and register their products. How? We don’t really know, but it involves “loyalty coins” that can redeemed for exclusive Nintendo products.

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