New Gadget Keeps Remote Controls Close
Lost the remote? With the Remote Control Finder, you just put your lips together -- and blow.
Remote Control Finder
The whistle-and-Find Remote Control Finder comes complete with three caddies and a whistle.
June 04, 2008 by Rachel Cericola

Too bad Mother’s Day has passed. My husband might want to get me this Remote Control Finder just because—just because I am constantly losing things.

Seriously though. My keys, my wallet, my phone, my sneakers, my camera—I could go on or I could just get this $17 gadget. At least it would make sure I’d never have to suffer a moment of movie-watching to search in and under the couch.

Just attach one of the three included “caddies” to your remote. When you need to find it, just blow the kit’s whistle. I wonder if it works on keys, kids and dogs as well.

Crunch Gear brings up an interesting point though: What happens if you lose the whistle? My guess is you’ll need to dip into your wallet for a new kit, as well as that funky adventure below your couch cushions.

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