NEAR Introduces In-Ground Speakers for Summer
The new NEAR IG Series promises audiophile sound while partially buried.
June 17, 2014 by Rachel Cericola

A few months back, NEAR Speakers announced nine new outdoor speaker models for summer. Now we have more info on a few of those, including pricing.

The IG Series is a new line of in-ground outdoor loudspeakers. This allows listeners to match the great outdoors with an awesome soundtrack, without taking away from the actual scenery. Instead of slapping a set of speakers on the side of the house or in the middle of the yard, the IG Series can be partially buried.

Putting speakers in the ground means that the enclosure will be nice and nestled, so all of the acoustic energy is used to move the air rather than the enclosure walls. NEAR says that even though each one is buried in the ground, it can deliver 360 degrees of sound, thanks to “omni-directional” designs. That means the people in front of the speakers won’t get blown away, while someone around back hears muffled sound. Everyone gets to enjoy the music in full.

The IG Series includes three speaker models, as well as an in-ground subwoofer. Each one of those speakers has Metal Diaphragm Technology woofers and inverted titanium dome tweeters. All IG models are available in brown, with enclosures that can withstand humidity, salt air, heat and cold, as well as sun—so they won’t fade over time.

The IG5 is the smallest of the lot, measuring 14.5 inches in diameter at the base and 16.5 Inches high. It has a 5.25-inch woofer, a 1.1-inch tweeter, and an MSRP of $1,238 per pair. The IG6 measures 16 inches in diameter and 17.75 inches high, with the same tweeter and a 6.5-inch woofer. That one retails for $1,558 per pair. The largest speaker option in the IG Series is the IG8. This model is 17.74 inches in diameter and 19.25 inches high. It has the same metal-alloy tweeter as the others, but packs in an 8-inch woofer and a $1,718 price tag (per pair).

Measuring 23.75 inches in diameter, the IGS12 subwoofer is 19.25 inches high. It has a single 12-inch woofer and sells for $1,599.

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