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Montegiro Spins Vinyl on $47K Lusso Turntable
The Lusso turntable from German manufacturer Montegiro features audiophile design and performance at German luxury sedan pricing.
montegiro lusso
Montegiro’s Lusso turntable
May 23, 2008 by Arlen Schweiger

I’m sure our DIY friend who loaded up his million-dollar theater with McIntosh would probably opt for Mac’s $8K turntable (I don’t recall seeing one on his equipment list), but the new Lusso turntable from Montegiro would suit those seeking out high-performance (and high-priced) luxury.

The Lusso looks like it belongs in a museum of contemporary art—maybe next to a painting of a zebra—with its striped decor and tri-cone build. It’s priced like a work of art, too, starting from $47,000.

The connected cones are height-adjustable, and the zebra pattern comes from alternate aluminum and black acrylic. The upside down cone in the middle provides the support for the aluminum and acrylic platter.

Montegiro’s MG1 titanium cartridge and 10-inch Da Vinci Nobile carbon fiber arm, combined with the company’s new ultra-precise synchronous motor, help deliver what we expect is vinyl sonic bliss for discerning audiophiles.

Via: Audio Junkies

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