Model Condo Designed to Impress
This Pensacola show condo features multiple entertainment systems, a water wall behind the bar, a bathroom "on fire", and a host of high-tech pyrotechnics.
model condo
A spinning granite water ball is one of many features of this show condo designed to impress visitors.
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November 12, 2007 by EH Staff

Look up to the master bedroom’s 10-foot dome, and you’ll see 1,500 points of light, programmed to replicate the night sky as seen on April 14, 1961—a significant day for the owner. Even the Aqua logo is used as wallpaper on the Crestron touchscreens.

This was certainly a different project, Jochum admits. “We usually do something where people are living every day, but because this is more of a showpiece, we weren’t limited by that,” he says. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t difficult. The project’s completion had to be delayed when a hurricane hit and the floors were damaged by water. And in this case, the homeowner was uninvolved until the very end; his project manager oversaw everything. “Then the [homeowner] walked in and saw the project, and that’s [stressful].”

As for that fire in the powder room? All Pro Sound used special-effects company Martin Entertainment’s Mania DC1 lighting fixture with a fire effects package, along with red Color Kinetics LEDs around the mirror.

It was all about making an impact here—and in that sense, the condo works like a charm.

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System Design & Installation
All Pro Sound
Pensacola, FL

Interior Design
Adache Group Architects
Fort Lauderdale, FL

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