Meridian Debuts 6-into-1 HDMI Processor
Meridian has introduced its HD621 HDMI Audio Processor that offers 6-into-1 video switching and audio processing.
meridian hd621
Meridian’s HD621 HDMI Audio Processor
January 15, 2009 by Arlen Schweiger

British manufacturer Meridian is no stranger to taking A/V performance to the next level. So it is with the company’s new HD621 HDMI Audio Processor.

The name, if you say it aloud, lets you know exactly what the product does—“six to one”—it offers a 6-into-1 video switch so all of your HDMI-equipped components can have a little party together in one box and be fed through just one cable to the display.

Of course the name also includes “Audio Processor,” and you can expect Meridian’s typically outstanding processing abilities to give your audio signals a boost in quality. The processor separates up to eight channels of audio from the data stream, and gives you dedicated audio outputs to connect to an existing Meridian Sound Controller.

This way, you don’t have to worry about signal degradation or noise on either the audio or video that get jammed together with HDMI. Via the single cable running to the display and the audio to the sound system, your video is de-jittered and optimized, and the audio is pristine.

The output incorporates Meridian’s own MMHR (Meridian Multichannel High Resolution) interface—an RJ45 connector to carry the eight channels of balanced digital audio at up to 96 kHz sample rate. There’s also Meridian’s SmartLink output of four phono sockets that each carry a pair of digital audio channel signals also at up to 96 kHz.

The HD621 HDMI Audio Processor is out this month, with an SRP of $2,995, so start gathering up all of those HDMI components.

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Arlen Schweiger - Contributor, Electronic House Magazine
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