Media Center’s New Sports Channel Tips Off
Microsoft's Windows Media Center will feature a "Sports Channel" tab to launch you into the latest coverage, highlights and fantasy tracker.
Media Center’s Sports Channel
March 05, 2009 by Arlen Schweiger

It’s March, and that means the Madness is due to arrive shortly. If you’re a Windows Media Center user, Microsoft is streamlining the sports experience—particularly the NCAA basketball tournament focus first—with a new “Sports Channel” goes live today.

If you click on the Sports Channel tile on Media Center, you’ll get a helping of coverage from, Fox Sports, and others that you can easily sort through because it’s all aggregated in one area.

Check the channel out for coverage that includes interviews, fantasy stats, highlights and more streaming—with the “College Hoops” feature providing a solid dose of content to keep you updated on the tourney.

Other than viewing the tournament games live, the Sports Channel’s College Hoops will be offering:

  • Complete games in condensed form, available soon after the live broadcast
  • Marquee games of the first two rounds, and all games thereafter in the condensed form
  • Game highlights in a 1-2 minute package for all 63 tournament contests
  • Postgame interviews of 1-2 minutes
  • Buzzer Beaters that showcase the last few minutes of great game finishes, about 2-10 minutes worth

So if you’re favorite team isn’t one of the featured broadcasts in the first two frenzied rounds, you can catch up on what you missed from CBS’ TV coverage. You’ll have to keep track of your brackets on your own though.



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