Marmitek Makes a Wireless A/V Connection
The Scart allows your A/V to interact, while keeping clutter under control.
December 13, 2006 by Rachel Cericola

So you finally flipped the bill for a huge, wall-mounted TV. However, it’s going to look a little sloppy with the wires from your DVD player and PlayStation hanging to the equipment on the floor. You could get all artsy and mount every audio and video device that you own, or you could Scart them all.

That’s right—I used Marmitek’s new device as a verb. I think they’ve earned it. The” title=“Invisible Scart”>Invisible Scart allows you to place audio and video equipment wherever you darn well please.

The Scart 200 sends wireless signals from any of your A/V equipment to your TV. The Scart 300 can even send them to a TV in another room.

Now the sad news: The unit appears to only be available in Belgium and the Netherlands. Americans need wireless love for their wall-mounted electronics too!

  • Invisible Scart 200: 22.95 GBP (approximately $45)
  • Invisible Scart 300: 33.95 GBP (approximately $66)
  • 200 is single-room solution; 300 for more than one room

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