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Luxury Box at Home
Plush seats and an open floor plan give a New York couple plenty of home theater seating options.
Luxury Box at Home
“Failure to Launch” (c) Paramount Pictures. Photo: Olson Photographic
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March 27, 2007 by Rebecca Day

It’s like their very own luxury box at the stadium or the arena.

When this suburban New York couple isn’t absorbed in Friday night at the movies, you can be sure they’re cheering on the alma mater on the big screen in their basement theater. It’s an easy stroll over to the adjacent bar area to get a brew and munchies during time-outs. Then it’s time to settle back into one of the comfy recliners when the action resumes. The couple chose the roomy recliners over tiered theater seating as a reflection of their casual lifestyle, but they didn’t want to give up quality performance in the process.

Fortunately, they didn’t have to. The widescreen picture is courtesy of a Vidikron CRT projector. Nine-foot ceilings help provide the headroom necessary to fit the three-tube projector comfortably above the seating area, and the CRT gives the homeowners the rich black levels and filmlike performance they crave.

Front speakers for the 6.1-channel system are Triad InWall Golds, framed and sandwiched around the screen with the center channel beneath. Triad Gold Surrounds are built into the woodwork on the side walls, with another Gold shoring up the rear channel from a single enclosure mounted to the back wall.

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