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Logic3’s iPod ProDock Routes Video, Too
The $75 ProDock for iPod/iPhone from Logic3 features video outputs so you can connect your video to a bigger screen, while the device recharges.
logic3 prodock
Logic3’s ProDock includes component and composite video outputs
February 26, 2009 by Arlen Schweiger

As iPods and iPhones have spread everywhere, we’ve seen the docks used to recharge them and connect them to your home entertainment setup get a bit more sophisticated too.

And in some cases, pretty darn affordable. The new one from Logic3 seems to be both slick, functional and decently priced—it’s the ProDock, which you can grab for $75. We last saw Logic3’s innovation showcased with its rotating i-Station dock.

It features a mini-USB port for data syncing or alternate recharging, and there’s the standard AC adapter for the actual dock recharge. But those are just ho-hums.

The nifty pieces are the full-function remote control and the video outputs. You can pop your iPod or iPhone in the dock, hook it into your entertainment system with the stereo line outs and component or composite video outputs, and then let your fingers do the walkin’ changing tunes and videos with the remote.

Logic3 says the dock is compatible with the latest iPhone 3G, iPod nano fourth-gen, and iPod touch second-gen products.

prodock remote

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