Listen to a Daily Symphony with PSB’s Synchrony
PSB has raised the bar on its speakers with a new flagship line of Synchrony editions.
PSB synchrony
PSB’s Synchrony line
August 21, 2007 by Arlen Schweiger

Everyone listens to music in different ways. Some make it more of an active than passive experience, judging each note from their speakers with a critical ear. Canadian manufacturer PSB Speakers says it puts its lines through rigorous measurement testing so listeners will get the same kind of accuracy and detail in their own speaker testing when the speakers are played in their own homes.

From that, the 35-year-old company has raised the bar on its own performance by introducing a new flagship line, the Synchrony. Synchrony includes seven new models: two full-range tower designs, two more compact, stand-mount “bookshelf” models, and two center-channel speakers, plus a “tri-mode” surround-channels layout engineered for the side and rear locations of multichannel groupings.

Though the models range in price and size, structure and design elements offer similar high-performance pieces that deliver excellence for both music and home theater audio environments, the company says. Among them, Synchrony speakers feature extruded-aluminum corners and tapered rear panels, in combination with elegantly veneered, 7-laminate wood-composite curved side panels, for deadened, non-resonant and coloration-free enclosures, PSB says.

All of the Synchrony models are engineered to produce stable, overwhelmingly resistive (and easy-to-drive) loads over their full high-power operating ranges, allowing for the amplifiers to work better and sound better, the company adds. To achieve a fully cohesive system by combining the individual models, the line is well matched in timbre, according to PSB.

Here are the model numbers and prices:

  • Synchrony One (5-driver tower)—$4,499/pair
  • Synchrony Two (4-driver tower)—$2,999/pair
  • Synchrony One B (6.5-inch “bookshelf”)—$1,999/pair
  • Synchrony Two B (5.25-inch “bookshelf”)—$1,499/pair
  • Synchrony One C (3-way center-channel)—$1,849/ea.
  • Synchrony Two C (2-way center-channel)—$1,349/ea.
  • Synchrony S (Tri-mode surround-channel)—$1,999/pair

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