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Lift Hides 50-Inch TV Under Bed
The Underbed Lift tucks a 50-inch flatscreen neatly under a king-sized bed, then automatically positions it at the press of a button.
Underbed Lift
The Underbed Lift from MK 1 Studio can store a 50-inch flatscreen and accompanying DVD player, subwoofer and surround sound under a king-sized bed.
January 31, 2007 by Mac Slocum

I’m both scared and intrigued by this product. MK 1 Studio has designed a custom television lift that stores a flatscreen TV under the bed. At the touch of a button, the sneaky automated lift slides a flatscreen from its dust-bunny den and then carefully lifts it into a vertical position at the foot of a bed. It’s the perfect product for folks who don’t want a TV looming over their bedroom—or for sadistic homeowners who want to scare the life out houseguests (just imagine lying snug in a friend’s guest room only to see a massive “thing” crawl from beneath the bed ...)

Video: See the Underbed Lift in action.

According to MK 1, the A/V accoutrements—DVD player, subwoofer, surround sound, etc.—can be stored along with a 50-inch flatscreen beneath a king-sized bed. If you sleep in a queen, you’ll have to downsize the TV to 42 inches. The Underbed Lift goes from hidden to HD in 45 seconds.

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