LG Shows Off Wireless Flat Panel, Invisible Speakers
Wireless displays and "invisible speakers" are just two of the new products LG is rolling out in 2008.
LG71 wireless TV
December 10, 2007 by Rebecca Day

LG gave the press a sneak peak at products due out in 2008 (some under embargo so we can’t divulge those secrets until Jan. 6) at a scaled-down line show at U.S. headquarters in Englewood, NJ. Because of the volatile nature of flat-panel TV pricing, no prices will be available until after the Consumer Electronics Show in early January.

In a world of me-too flat-panel TVs, the LG71 wireless TV stands out. Available in 47- and 52-inch screen sizes, the LG71 sends audio and video signals over 802.11n, replacing HDMI as the high-end connection option for TVs and connected equipment. Transmission circuitry is built into the TV, which will communicate with an outboard receiver that connects to a cable or satellite box or DVD player. The wireless series nabbed an Innovations Award from the Consumer Electronics Association for 2008.

LG’s entry-level 2008 LCD line covers 19-, 22-, 26-, 32-, 37- and 42-inch screen sizes at 720p resolution. Features include Clear Voice technology that keeps volume levels even, so you can make out the dialogue when special effects ramp up. Special AV modes optimize sound and pictures for movies, sports and games. The 26-inch and larger sets sport three HDMI 1.3 inputs.

The step-up LG 50 series features 1080p resolution, high-gloss finish and “invisible speakers,” which use flat-panel speaker technology to produce sound from actuators mounted on the base of the cabinet. The use of actuators rather than traditional speaker drivers reduces the depth of the TV and provides more omnidirectional sound, LG says. Screen sizes in the LG 50 line include 37-, 42-, 47- and 52-inches. A USB jack allows users to view JPEG media listen to MP3 files. The TVs also pack three HDMI 1.3 inputs and Clear Voice technology.

At the top of the LCD line is the “teardrop” series, so named for its tapered look. The series includes a hidden speaker system, soft touch controls, and a red accent along the sides. Additional features include 120-Hz refresh rate, four HDMI 1.3 inputs, a USB jack and Clear Voice.

LG is readying two plasma lines for 2008: the PG20 and PG30 series. The entry-level series, in 42- and 50-inch screen sizes, measures a trim 3.3 inches in depth and includes the invisible speaker system. Additional features include three HDMI 1.3 inputs, 100,000 hours panel life (to half brightness) and Clear Voice technology. Step up to the PG30 series—50 and 60 inches—and you get double the contrast ratio (to 30000:1) and a swivel stand.

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