LG & Netflix Partner for Direct-to-TV Movies
The CE manufacturer and mail-order giant are teaming up for yet another video-on-demand product.
Netflix currently allows its subscribers to download content, as part of the monthly service fees.
January 03, 2008 by Rachel Cericola

Moviebeam tried it, Vudu is still working on it… so will the duo of Netflix and LG make video-on-demand any more dynamic?

Reuters says that the two companies are working on yet another set-top box that will allow movie junkies to get their fix instantly via video downloads. Hey, it’s got to be better than paying the post office for all of those rogue red envelopes…

Netflix currently allows subscribers to download content directly to PCs. Speaking as one of those 7 million subscribers, I have yet to take advantage of the feature. However, I am working with a fully-stocked DVR—and don’t dare take away my potential video downloads!

Another box into my mix? That’s another story. There’s no word on pricing, but competing products are running between $300 and $400. The rumor is that LG might also incorporate the technology into its upcoming $800 dual high-def DVD player.

That might be a nifty selling point over other players. However, once you buy the box, there’s still the cost to get Netflix, which runs another $5 to $48 per month.

LG’s networked, still-to-be-named player is expected to hit in the second half of 2008.

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