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LG Launches Techorator Program
Reknown decorator Doug Wilson offers tips on melding electronics with interior design.
Doug Wilson is best known for his role on TLC’s “Trading Spaces.”
December 03, 2008 by Lisa Montgomery

According to TLC’s Doug Wilson, there’s a right way and a wrong way to incorporate technology into a space. Do it poorly and “you can easily feel overwhelmed by all the electronics in your house,” he says.

LG Electronics understands this too, and has teamed up with the interior designer to help consumers by offering tips and ideas on how to “techorate” their homes. “It’s all about melding technology and decorating together,” Wilson explains. In years past, it may have been difficult to marry the two, says Wilson, but with the proliferation of sleek TVs and small speakers, it’s now possible to blend an entire entertainment system into the decor of a living room.

According to Wilson, one of the most common design offenders is the big-screen TV. “The television has become the hearth of the 21st Century, but I’ve seen people struggle with the basics, from choosing the right type and size television to its optimal placement for their viewing space.” Consumer research from a LG confirms Wilson’s belief. According to the survey, 70-percent of consumers don’t know how to make these sleek pieces of technology fit into their home decor. One thing to remember, says Wilson, is that bigger is not always better. “You need to choose a TV that’s right for the room,” he continues. “You also need to think about whether you’ll be viewing the TV from straight on or from the side.”

Once you’ve selected the right TV, there are decorating techniques you can apply to help the set blend in with the room design. This doesn’t necessarily mean hiding it away in a cabinet, says Wilson. “A dark color behind the TV can help, as well as flanking the set with artwork.” He also suggests positioning smaller speaker on bookshelves and hiding the components in a console.

Here are a few more techorating tips from Wilson:

  • Fill the space below the TV by adding a credenza or long table underneath.
  • Don’t be afraid to put your flat-screen over the mantel, but remember, competing design elements—fireplaces, large mirrors, big windows—can make the space look cluttered.
  • Charcoal wall paint can help the black frame of the TV blend in. If that’s too dramatic, go with a shade or two deeper than the rest of the walls.
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Lisa Montgomery - Contributing Writer
Lisa Montgomery has been writing about home technology for 15 years, with a focus on the impact of electronics on a modern lifestyle.

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