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LaCie Designer External Hard Drive
The new LaCie Hard Disk trades its fan for a cool blue light.
Lacie Neil Poulton
December 07, 2007 by Ben Hardy

Sure, you can go to just about any box store and pick up a Western Digital hard drive with significant space and an easy-on-the-wallet tag, but if you have a little more cash to splash and want your computer peripheries to add some style to your system, check out the new LaCie Hard Disk. Designed by Neil Poulton (a Scottish-born industrial and product designer), the Hard Disk features a blue LED on the unit’s undercarriage and a fanless design for near-silent operation.

Storage sizes include 320GB ($119.99), 500GB ($149.99), 750GB ($249.99), and 1TB ($399.99). The unit uses Hi-Speed USB 2.0 connectivity and comes loaded with LaCie Utilities software and LaCie ‘1-Click’ Back software for easy backup of important files. 

There’s still some time for Holiday shopping – the LaCie would make sure those winter-setting photos are properly backed up. And what a conversation starter: between the light and the designer, this is one external hard drive worth talking about.

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Ben Hardy - Contributing Writer
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