Kitchen, Bar Complement Basement Theater
When the curtain opens, so does the kitchen area in this multipurpose basement theater.
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January 21, 2008 by Rachel Cericola

This room is the “Sybil” of home theaters, with multiple functions each cooler than the next. Haters can click in disgust if they choose, but there is no denying that having the ability to make popcorn and a Piledriver all while watching “King Kong” swat at planes is pretty darn cool.

The typical theater has seats and carpet, and both are immaculate and typically off-limits outside of popcorn and the occasional Milk Dud. The goal of this client’s theater wasn’t just a cool place to watch TV or have movie night, but to create a place where the family could gather and enjoy a movie without the threat of a snack attack. Don’t worry; sticky mitts are not welcome just anywhere in this room. Beyond the beautiful 110-inch Stewart screen and the eight theater seats lies a kitchen area, complete with a refrigerator, a sink and wet bar, a microwave, cabinetry and six barstools.

“Typically people have trouble distinguishing between a media room and a theater,” says Alan Weissman, sales consultant for Electronics Design Group. “A theater is typically a destination upon itself… a media room is a multipurpose room. This room doesn’t fall into the stereotypical definition of either.”

While those sitting in the cushy theater seats on two rows of risers are immersed in the big screen via buttkickers, those towards the back of the room can be engaged in snack time, all without missing a minute of the show.

Adjacent to the theater is a home office, a playroom and a home gym. To make sure theater viewers don’t disturb the others on the floor (and vice versa), every inch of the room was acoustically wrapped with insulated materials. Even the theater door was designed with a perimeter seal and sweep to confine sound to the theater space.

This was par for the course; however the install did have its share of challenges. Multiple HVAC ducts running through the basement level threatened to blow viewers out of their seats—literally. Instead of dealing with the noise and potential ventilation problems, EDG worked with the homeowner’s HVAC contractor to remodel and reroute the HVAC ducts.

Another challenge involved where to put the audio/video equipment. The client didn’t want to see any of it, but this part of the basement left few hiding places. The homeowners decided that they probably wouldn’t want to cozy up to a blaze while watching action explode on-screen, so they opted to gut the fireplace and make it into an equipment rack. “It already had great ventilation because of the flue,” says Weissman.

Weissman says he’s seen his share of installs, but never one with a kitchen. “They created this whole basement that’s like a whole play area—with this part like stepping into a multiplex,” he says. “Except it’s tuned, calibrated, cozy and self-sufficient.”

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Rachel Cericola - Contributing Writer
Over the past 15 years, Rachel Cericola has covered entertainment, web and technology trends. Check her out at

Equipment List

Krell HTS7.1 Surround Preamp/Processor
Krell KAV2250 Power Amplifier
Krell Resolution 2 Speakers (2)
Krell Resolution 3 Surround Speakers (4)
Krell Resolution C Center-Channel Speaker
Krell Resolution Subwoofer
Krell Standard A/V Amplifier
SoundSense Acoustical Wrap
SoundSense Fabric Covered Acoustical Panels
Tactile Sound 240-Watt 2-Channel Amplifier (2)

Crestron CP2E Control Processor w/Ethernet
Crestron CNPWS-75 75-Watt Power Supply
Crestron SmarTouch STX-1700CXP Touchpanel
Crestron STCOM Dual RS232/422 Communication Module
Crestron TPS-RFGWX RF Gateway

Lutron GRX-IA-2-T Dimming Control
Lutron GRX-IA-232 Lighting Interface
Lutron GRX-MR-6T Dimming Control
Lutron NT-GRX-4S Keypad

Escient DVD-M300 Fireball DVD/Music Manager
Marantz DV8400 DVD Player
OmniMount FP-CL Cantilever Mount
Runco Model 50 50-foot DVI Cable Live Link
Runco RUHK-004100 Projector Hanging Kit
Runco VX1000d DLP Projector w/Vivix
Sharp LC-20S4US 20-inch LCD
Sony DVP-CX777ES 400-Disc DVD/SACD/CD Changer
Stewart Filmscreen 110-Inch Firehawk Screen w/VeLux Frame & VICS Controller

Crestron Cresnet Bus Communication Cable
CSC 2 Cat5e & 2 RG6 Wire Bundle
CSC 6-Conductor RGB H/V Wire
CSC 18/2 Pair Shielded Cable
CSC 22/4 Pair Shielded Cable
Extron Architectural Adapter Plate
Leviton WP-LANP Dual RJ-45, Single RJ-11
Leviton WP-TV Dual RG-6, Single RJ-11
Middle Atlantic AXS-SYS Equipment Rack System
Monster Cable HTS-5100 Home Theater Reference Power Center
Tara Labs 14/4 Speaker Cable

Systems and Room Design
Electronics Design Group
Piscataway, NJ

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