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KEF Debuts Hi-Fi for Mainstream
Entry-level line brings KEF sound to the masses.
KEF’s C Series Speakers
September 04, 2008 by Steven Castle

Can’t afford KEF’s monster $165,000 Muon speakers? Maybe you an start out with its affordable, entry-level C-series speakers, ranging form a C1 Bookshelf ($250 per pair) to a C7 Floorstander ($400 ), each with KEF’s “waveguide” that helps disperse sound from the tweeters. (I’m told the waveguide fins were originally intended to prevent the tweeters from being poked.)

The C-series also features front ports. The models are the C7 Floorstander ($400 each), C5 Floorstander ($325 each), C3 Bookshelf ($300 per pair), C1 Bookshelf ($250 per pair) and the C6 LCR that can be used as any of the front channels of a surround-sound setup and is not front-ported ($250 each). The speakers also have integrated wall mounts.

“We’re trying to bring hi-fi into the mainstream market,” says marketing director Simon Clare.

A step up are new speakers in the Q-series, which incorporates KEF’s Uni-Q tweeter/midrange time-aligned combination, with the iQ10 Bookshelf ($450 per pair), iQ30 Bookshelf ($600 per pair), iQ center ($550 each), iQ50 Floorstander ($450 each), iQ70 Floorstander ($600 each) and iQ90 ($750 each).

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Steven Castle - Contributing Writer
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