JVC Grows Bonsai Speakers
JVC Victor was showing off its Bonsai Speakers within its 'Sound Garden' concept at this week's Tokyo Designer's Week show.
jvc bonsai
JVC’s Bonsai Speakers of its Sound Garden concept
November 04, 2008 by Arlen Schweiger

Now here’s some music to Mr. Miyagi’s ears. We can hear him now: “Daniel-san, wax on, wax off, and make sure to trim and crank up the bonsai speakers!”

JVC Victor highlighted its Zen-like “Sound Garden” concept at this week’s Tokyo Designer’s Week show (note: link is Japanese, but you can check out pics), and the star was this little Kirikabu bonsai speaker.

It’s not a grunge Sound Garden, either, but if you want to play “Black Hole Sun” all day that’s your business. JVC’s Sound Garden bonsai speakers are mini modular types that can be strewn together so you have a mini garden of beautiful looking speakers.

The tree-stump appearance includes three areas - two for housing speakers and one for connectors. Inhabitat says each stump is made from eco-plastic, most likely a plant-based plastic, to make your audio a little greener.

No word on when these bonsais will migrate to the U.S., or any pricing info, but we wanted to plant the seed anyway. It’s not every day we get to see such unique speaker design.

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