Is TiVo Still the Best DVR to Use?
With systems from cable companies, media center applications and more, TiVo has competition in the DVR market.
March 03, 2009 by Jason Unger

When it comes to digitally recording live TV, there’s no doubt that TiVo was the first big player in the market.

Sure, there were certainly a few alternatives—ReplayTV, anyone?—but when TiVo turned into a verb, you know it had made it big.

But now, TiVo is just one of many DVRs available to most consumers.

Cable and satellite companies jumped into the mix, offering their own DVR options (see “DVR Dilemma: TiVo or Cable?”). Media center applications, like Microsoft Vista’s MCE and MythTV, work on different hardware systems. And there are some standalone DVRs, like Moxi’s Digeo and Hauppauge’s HD-PVR.

While it took TiVo a bit of time to jump into the high-definition game, they now offer a number of HD recorders, and have even expanded into the PC software market with Nero.

TiVo is also offering up Netflix streaming on some of its boxes.

So we want to know what you think: is TiVo still the best DVR to use?

Answer the poll below and then let us know why in a comment.

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Is TiVo still the best DVR to use?

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