iPhone 3.0 Software Update Finally Arrives
New goodies include cut, copy and paste, horizontal keyboard, MMS support and much more. Update is free for iPhone users and $10 for iPod touch users.
June 17, 2009 by Steve Crowe

Apple released its much-awaited iPhone 3.0 software update today, overhauling the operating system (OS) with more than 100 new features.

The update, which is free to all iPhone users and $10 for iPod touch users, is available through iTunes 8.2. The update is a great deal for iPhone 3G users who don’t want to shell out the money for the new iPhone 3G S, which is scheduled to be released Friday, or are still locked into their contracts.

The software updates should eliminate several gripes people had with the iPhone 3G. The more prominent updates include: Spotlight Search, cut, copy and paste, a horizontal keyboard, turn-by-turn GPS, voice memos and a “Find My Phone” feature that helps locate misplaced phones.

Here’s a look at some of the new features:

Cut, Copy, Paste — Cut, copy and paste functionality may be the most anticipated new feature. iPhone fans have been calling for it since the device launched in 2007. Users will be able to copy text by double-tapping and can paste it anywhere — even in other apps. Text, HTML and photos can all be copied, according to Apple.

Spotlight Search — Allows users to search for anything — contacts, apps, music, events, etc. — and returns any sort of media that matches the search. Spotlight search is located on the left side of the home screen and displays an icon to indicate the type of media the search returns.

Horizontal Keyboard — The iPhone 3.0 software update brings a horizontal keyboard to more than just the Safari browser. Mail, notes and messages will all now be easier and faster to type.

MMS — Multimedia Messaging Support, which allows sending/receiving of photos, contact info, audio and more, has been added to the messaging app. MMS won’t be supported by AT&T until later this summer.

Find My Phone — Lost your iPhone? The Find My Phone feature allows users to log-in to the MobileMe online service ($99 yearly subscription required) to activate an alert that will play from your iPhone. If your phone is nearby, surely you will hear it. If not, data can be cleared remotely.

Tethering — Tethering essentially turns the phone into a modem for Internet access for laptops and other mobile devices. However, again, AT&T will not support this feature right away.

Live Streaming of Major League Baseball — To sports fans out there, the timely release of this app could easily be the best enhancement of all. Due out tomorrow (June 18, 2009), according to BusinessWeek, iPhone users will be able to stream out-of-market Major League Baseball games.

The MLB At Bat 2009 App costs $10 but should be completely worth it. The first games to air will be the Chicago Cubs-White Sox and Detroit Tigers-Stl. Louis Cardinals games. MLB will stream two out-of-market games a day, but does eventually plan on releasing the entire slate of games to iPhone users via MLB.TV. It could also be a sign of streaming video apps to come.

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