Inside Eli Manning’s Automated Condo
A Crestron home control system helps the Super Bowl MVP manage all aspects of his home entertainment system.
elimanning condo
Eli Manning says he’s not a high-tech guy, but he’s right at home controlling the automation features of his New Jersey condo. Credit: Steve Hulbert
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January 23, 2012 by Tom LeBlanc

The solution was an integrated Crestron automation system. “We knew he had to have shade control. We knew he had to have music and lighting control. So we integrated that all into one control panel, instead of having multiple devices on the wall,” explains Austi.

No matter where they are in the condo, Eli and Abby are probably within arm’s reach of a Crestron controller. The kitchen, living room, master bedroom and master bath feature wall-mounted touchscreen controllers, and there are four wireless touchscreens throughout the home.

“I love that from [any] room, I can control anything I want,” Eli says. “I can wake up, take a shower and control the music in there. At night when I go to bed, I don’t have to worry about leaving lights on. I have an ‘ALL ON/ALL OFF’ button right by the door.”

The control system’s intuitiveness isn’t available out of the box; it takes programming and consultation. Audio Video Crafts spent time with Eli, discussing how he envisioned himself, his wife and his guests interacting with the touchpanels. That step is essential, Austi says, to create a control system that meets homeowners’ needs.

Battling the Sun
It’s easy to see why motorized shade control was so important to the Mannings. One step into the condo, and the New York City skyline becomes the immediate focal point. Wide windows dominate the rear walls, providing sweeping views across the Hudson and allowing sunlight to pour into the home.

It’s a give and take situation, Eli explains. “The view is great. At night it’s lit up. You can see the Empire State Building and whatever colors they’re displaying that night.” They enjoy the view during the day, too, but the glare is undeniable. “It beams through here, and it gets hot,” Eli says.

Audio Video Crafts’ addressed the sun issue with a dual-layer motorized shading system. One layer of Lutron’s Sivoia QED Roller 100 Shades kills the glare but allows in some light. “You can still see out of it,” Eli says. A second blackout layer blocks every ray of sunlight. That level of protection comes in handy when Eli is working at his computer, for instance. “It’s nice to have two different layers,” Eli says, as he demonstrates the one-button control.

Another benefit of the control system, one that Eli didn’t fully anticipate, is how it facilitates music listening. The Mannings’ CD collection is stored on a ReQuest media server. Eli says being able to scroll through his entire catalog on a handheld controller inspires to him to listen to music a lot more. “It’s just easier to get into my music collection,” he says while navigating his controller. “Satellite radio, CDs, iTunes, whatever.”

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Equipment List

Displays and Projectors
Sharp LC25 25-inch LCD TV
Sharp LC32 32-inch LCD TV
Sharp LC45GX6U 45-inch LCD TV
Samsung LNT1954 19-inch LCD TV
Samsung FPT5084 50-inch plasma TV
Samsung FPT6374 63-inch plasma TV
Samsung LNT1954 19-inch LCD TV

Audio/Video Components
Marantz DV6001 progressive-scan DVD player (2)
Marantz SR7001 surround receiver with Digital Dolby and DTS (2)
Request F2-400 digital audio server
Request ARP CD download/conversion
Rotel RT1080 AM/FM tuner
Niles AVDA3 audio/video distribution amplifiers (2)
Middle Atlantic PD915 power-distribution module/surge and spike protector

B&W DM601 bookshelf speakers (1 pair)
Canton KARAT 701 bookshelf speakers (7 pairs)
Canton KARAT 705DC center-channel speaker
REL Q108E subwoofers (2)
Sonance SYM S625T speakers (1 pair)
Sonance M422 steam-resistant recessed speakers (1 pair)
Sonance SYM S623SSTR steam-resistant “single stereo” recessed speakers (3)

Lighting and Shading
Shades (7)  
QED Coupled Shade motorized coupled blackout shades (3)
Lutron HWI-ST-7B “See-Touch” lighting keypads (7)
Lutron HWD-10D smart dimmers (3)
Lutron HWD8-ANS smart switches (4)
Lutron HWD-8ANS smart switches                    

Control and Communications
Creston TPS2000L wall-mounted touchscreen controllers (4)
Creston STX1700CXP Two-Way Spread-Spectrum Wireless Touchscreen Controller (2)
Crestron TPS-RFGWX Two-Way Spread-Spectrum RF Transceivers (2)
Crestron ML600 wireless hand-held remotes (2)
Crestron PRO2 control processor
Crestron C2IR8 IR control cards (2)
Crestron C2COM-3 RS-232 control card
Crestron C2ENET1 Ethernet card
Crestron EMP system software
Crestron CNRFGWA RF gateways (2)
Crestron CNXPAD8A audio distribution processor
Crestron CNAMPX12 multiroom power amplifier
Crestron CNPWS75 system power supplies (2)
Crestron CEN-IDOC iPod docking station/system interface

Xantech 480B IR receivers (2)
Xantech 480CFL-IRCF IR receiver system with IR injector
Chief PDR2536S TV swing-arm wall mount
Chief PSM2133S TV wall mount
Chief PSM2241 TV wall mount
Omnimount CL75/100 TV swing-arm mount
Middle Atlantic SLIM 5 equipment access rack
Middle Atlantic RSH7A rack shelves with custom faceplates (8)
Middle Atlantic LOT-H rack hardware
Elan Z-FAN-R rack-cooling system
Acoustex Paintable acoustic fabric (4 yards)
Acoustex acoustic fabric (1 yard)

System Design and Installation
Audio Video Crafts
Long Island City, NY
(Web site under construction)

John B. Murray Architects
New York, NY

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