Home’s ‘Smart’ Systems Simplified for Everyone, Including the Kids
A robust Control4 setup is able to easily command the distributed audio and video, lighting, thermostats, security and more.
FINALIST: Best Home of the Year
October 28, 2009 by Arlen Schweiger

This home’s a good example of a custom electronics pro at work. Large home, working parents, three children, basic subsystems to integrate, and easy operation required for everyone. Illinois-based CE pro Architectural Audio & Video pulled it off without a hitch, and the benefits of home technology have been great for this happy family.

“The homeowners of this project are both working professionals with three young children, which made their needs very easy to explain. They wanted a system that was simple, automated, and highly reliable,” says AAV’s Matt Koppin. “The system needed to include the integration of the lighting, audio/video, thermostats, cameras, and security. Lastly, a simple interface for the children to access their DVD collections easily without having to touch the DVDs every time.”

Koppin’s team seamlessly integrated everything through automation manufacturer Control4, helping put together a centralized system from scratch, he says. The Control4 products allowed for automated lighting control, 16 zones of distributed audio/video, automated thermostats, as well as the ability to interface with network cameras, and security all integrated into a single interface.

All of those features and systems can be controlled through the Control4 interface, which is accessible to view and navigate on TVs, Control4 touchscreens and even Apple iPhones. “This interface is extremely easy to navigate, and allowed for custom buttons which were added for simplified operation by the children, grandparents, and even the babysitter,” says Koppin.

Along with a media room that features a 110-inch projection screen, there are plenty of other A/V goodies throughout the home. The family room TV is hidden by a Vutec ArtScreen, for example, and every room has access to sources including Rhapsody, Apple TV, three Cable HD DVRs, 400 Disc DVD changer, Blu-ray player, iPod, 500GB music server, and AM/FM/XM tuner.

“The system has made our home a true ‘smart’ home,” the homeowner says. “We love the automation and the ability to access all of our systems from each room in the house. It’s become a focal point for not only entertaining but everyday living. The ability to simply add on and customize the system is a major bonus.”

And the major bonus for Architectural Audio & Video? The success of this project gets shown off to this family’s friends, who of course now want systems in their own homes.

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Arlen Schweiger - Contributor, Electronic House Magazine
Arlen writes about home technology installations and product news and reviews for electronichouse.com and Electronic House magazine.

Installer/Equipment List

Systems Design & Installation
Architectural Audio & Video
Naperville, Ill.

1 VP12S4 Marantz HDTV DLP Projector
1 Mount 12 Black Marantz Ceiling Mount for VP12S4
1 SR8002 Marantz 125 x 7 Dolby Digital Receiver
1 BD7003 Panasonic Blu-Ray DVD Player
1 SR5002 Marantz 90 x 7 Surround Receiver
1 DV6001 Marantz Progressive Scan DVD Player

1 AVM-16S1-B Control4 Audio Matrix Switch
1 AVM-TUN1X-B Control4 Multi-Tuner (AM/FM) with XM
3 AC-3URE1-B Control4 3 RU Rack Ear Kit
3 C4-TSWM7-E-B Control4 7” In-Wall POE Touch Screen
3 CCZ-T1-W Control4 Wireless Thermostat
1 C4-CVS12ES-B-A Sony HD Video Switch
8 C4-CVB1-A Control4 Breakout Balun
1 AVM-HC300 Control4 Home Theater Controller
1 C4-HC1000-E-B Control4 Home Automation Controller
1 C4-TSM10-G-B Control4 10.5” Wireless Color Touchscreen
8 AVM-HC300 Control4 Home Theater Controller
3 TSG-3.8C2-A (Almond) Control4 Ethernet Mini Touch Screen-4”
72 LDZ-101-A (Almond) Control4 Wireless Dimmer
27 LSZ-101-A (Almond) Control4 Wireless Switch
3 LSZ-3W1-A (Almond) Control4 Wireless 2 Button Keypad
15 KPZ-3B1-A (Almond) Control4 Wireless 3 Button Keypad
10 KPZ-6B1-A (Almond) Control4 Wireless 6 Button Keypad
3 LOZ-5D1-W Control4 Wireless Outlet Dimmer

3 In-Wall Bronze LCR Triad In-Wall Bronze LCR
4 In-Wall Bronze Surround Triad In-Wall Bronze Surround Speaker
8 NCB Triad New Construction Brackets
3 In-Wall Bronze/6 PowerSub Triad In-Wall Bronze Subwoofer - 250 Watt

Niles Audio
3 FG00739 Niles Audio SI1230 12 Channel Amplifier
11 FG01299 Niles Audio CM760 In-Ceiling Speakers (Pair)
2 FG01304 Niles Audio CM730SI Single Stereo Spkr
12 FG01301 Niles CM700 Series New Const. Bracket Kit
5 FG01151 Niles Audio HDLCR In-Wall Speaker
5 FG01152 Niles Audio LCR/FX Bracket Kit
6 FG01274 Niles Audio C5-VGA Cat-5 Balun
2 FG00880 Niles Audio PR6 In-Wall Speakers
2 FG00320 Niles 6 Series Bracket Kit
1 FG00993 Niles Audio OS5.5 Outdoor Speaker
3 FG00995 Niles OS6.5 Weatherized Speaker (Pair)
8 FG01276 Niles Audio C5-HDDA Component Balun
1 FG01254 Niles ANT-SAT XM Antenna

Screen Research
1 FS-96-178-2W Screen Research 110” Screen

1 TH50PF10UK Panasonic 50” 1080P HDTV Plasma Monitor
1 TH42PH10UKA Panasonic 42” 1080P Plasma Monitor
2 TC-32LX85 Panasonic 32” LCD HDTV
2 TC-26LX70 Panasonic 26” LCD HDTV
4 BB-HCM531A Panasonic IP Pan/Tilt Outdoor Camera

1 01-ASR-60 “C” Vutec ArtScreen Motorized Plasma Art

Monster Cable
4 MP AV 800 Monster 8 Receptacle Surge Protector
1 MP HT UPS 1000 Monster Cable Battery Backup
1 MP HT UPS 1000 Rack Mount Monster Cable Rack Mount for UPS1000
1 MP HTS 2600 MKII Monster Cable Surge Protection
2600 MCTS 100 Monster Cable (2)Cat-5e/(2) RG-6) Cable
2980 CP16/4 C5ES-EZ500 Monster Cable 16/4 w/ Cat-5e
1825 CP 16-2-DB-CL EZ1000 Monster Cable 16/2 Speaker Cable
750 CP Cat5e-CL Monster Cable Cat-5e Cable Gray
1 Cutom Made Interconnects Moster Cutom Made Interconnects ($2400)

Windy City Wire
800 828665619-S Windy City Wire Siamese Cat-5e
1 416303-B Windy City Wire 22/4 Shielded

Peerless Industries
2 SA-740 Peerless Articulated TV Mount

1 UF-PRO200B ProMounts Articulating TV Mount

Network Hardware
1 WNR854T Netgear Wireless Router
2 FS726TP Netgear 24 Port Ethernet Switch w/ POE
2 24 Port Patch Panel Belkin 24 Port Cat-5 Patch Panel

1 DVP-CX777ES Sony 400 Disc DVD Changer

1 363476-01 OnQ 42” Modular Enclosure
1 364522-01 OnQ 2 x16 Enhanced Video Module
1 363484-02 OnQ 1 x 11 Basic Telecom Module
1 1267058-01 OnQ 6 Port Telecom Expansion Module
3 364887-01 OnQ In-Ceiling Wireless Access Point

1 FS4BG Iport Tabletop Docking Station for Ipod

1 PR6010 Winegard FM Antenna
1 TB0005 Winegard FM Antenna Mast
1 WM2040 Winegard FM Antenna Mount

6 41108-RW5 Leviton Cat-5e Quickport White
1 4180-6WP Leviton 6 Port Wallplate White
30 476201-W Leviton 1’ Network Patch Cable
5 476203-W Leviton 3’ Network Patch Cable
4 41108-RB5 Leviton Cat-5e Quickport Brown
48 40702-BA Leviton 2 Port Wallplate Almond
3 40804-BA Leviton 4 Port Wallplate Almond
50 40831-BA Leviton “F” Quickport Almond
27 41106-RT6 Leviton 6 Conductor Telephone Qickport
27 41108-RA5 Leviton Cat-5e Quickport Almond
27 41108-RB5 Leviton Cat-5e Quickport Brown

1 Vista 20P Ademco Alarm Processing Center
2 6150 Ademco Remote Station Console
8 Door Contacts Ademco Sealed Door Contacts
41 Window Contacts Ademco Sealed Window Contacts
2 995 Ademco Passive Infrared Interior Motion
1 998 Ademco Passive Infrared Interior Motion
1 747F Ademco Electronic Siren

Middle Atlantic Racks
1 ERK2725LRD Middle Atlantic 27 Space Rack System
1 ERK-4425LRD Middle Atlantic 44 Space Rack Enclosure
2 CBS-ERK-25 Middle Atlantic Skirted Wheelbase
2 U4 Middle Atlantic 4 Space Rack Shelf
3 U2 Middle Atlantic 2 Space Rack Shelf
4 RSH4A Middle Atlantic Custom Rack Shelf
1 D4 Middle Atlantic 4 Space Drawer
2 HBL2 Middle Atlantic 2 Space Blank
18 VTF1 Middle Atlantic 1 Space Vent
1 D2 Middle Atlantic 2 Space Storage Drawer

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