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An entertainment system can promote relaxation in your master suite.
Components like flat-panel TVs and built-in speakers have made it possible to turn rooms like master suites into entertainment destinations. Design and installation by Dream Theaters of Houston, TX. Down with Love © 2005 Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
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February 19, 2007 by EH Staff

There’s a reason why people put recliners in their family rooms: The comfy chairs are perfect for laying back and enjoying a TV show, reading the evening paper or having a quick nap before dinnertime. But when you want to really stretch out—maybe while lounging in your favorite flannel PJs—there’s no better spot for sinking into the plot of a good movie than in the comfort of your master bedroom. It’s got all the makings of a top-notch movie-viewing environment. There’s something soft to sit on (the bed), no distractions (just shut the door) and plenty of storage space (that TV will fit nicely into the armoire). And, depending on the design of the room, you may even be able to fit in a small kitchenette to keep all your snacks close by. But probably the best thing about having a home theater in your bedroom is that you can fall asleep before the movie’s over and already be in bed.

As tempting as it is to turn your sleeping quarters into a home theater, though, there are some valid reasons for rethinking that idea. For one thing, a big-screen TV has the potential to sabotage your love life. You and your spouse may end up spending more time with Dr. Grey than with each other.  And depending on how your bedroom is decorated, you may have a hard time getting a home theater system to fit in anyway. You may have to buy some additional (and expensive) furniture or rearrange the room just to get things looking halfway decent. There’s also the little issue of acoustics. Reproducing a surround-sound effect may be difficult to achieve in a spacious master suite where you might want to watch TV from several different areas.

Get Comfortable. The number-one reason people put TVs in their bedrooms is to watch movies while they’re in bed. It’s comfortable, and you’re free to nod off at any point in the program. We doubt, however, that the new surround-sound system and sleek flat-screen TV you chose will put you to sleep.

Private Time. This is one place you can enjoy all your favorite flicks without battling it out with your kids. They can watch their shows in the family room while you and your spouse retire to the master suite for a movie without animation. There’s always time for family time tomorrow night.

It was a Dark and Dreary Night. It doesn’t have to be a dreary night to partake in a movie, but it should at least be dark. Here’s where a master bedroom shines as a home theater space. A common time to escape to a master suite is in the evening—when it’s dark. Just leave the lights off, and you’ll have the perfect viewing environment.

The Heat of the Moment. You might be spending more than a handful of nights on the family room couch if you don’t unglue your eyes from that stunning 60 incher beaming at you from the other side of the room. Having a home theater by your bed might sound like a really good idea, but just wait until it starts interfering with couple time. You may have to shove the set into the closet for awhile.

Building Blocks. There are many options for storing the screens, speakers, receivers and players that make up a home theater system. Unfortunately, in a master bedroom they can all be difficult to implement in a way that’s pleasing to the eye. A entertainment cabinet may look too large and distracting, wall-mounting the TV and speakers may conflict with the artwork, and positioning the equipment on the floor—well, that only works if you wear steel-toed shoes to bed.

Bad Company. You’d love to invite your buds over for the ball game on the big-screen. But imagine all those beer nuts bouncing on your brocade coverlet. Hmmm … maybe putting the biggest, brightest home theater screen in your bedroom wasn’t such a good idea after all. Sure, you’d have the system all to yourself, but what good’s an entertainment system if you can’t share it with your friends—beer nuts and all?

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