Home Runs with 90 Speakers, 14 TVs, Glowing Automation Closet
This installation from Advanced Home Environments features technology everywhere, but not in an overwhelming style.
FINALIST: Best Home of the Year
October 01, 2009 by Arlen Schweiger

This grand home is glowing with technology, literally. More than 500 loads of lighting, 90 speakers, dozens of keypads, touchpanels and handheld remotes put audio, video and automation at these homeowners’ fingertips ... and then there’s the actual glowing of the equipment closet, which looks like something straight out of NASA.

“When you enter this house, you may not know that you are in a special place,” says Matt Then of custom electronics pro Advanced Home Environments, Woodbury, Minn. “Technology surrounds you, but does not overwhelm you. It remains in the periphery waiting for your command to bring it to life.”

The AMX control provides a single system approach to managing a wide range of home controls including: Distributed Audio & Video, Automated Doors, Security Camera Surveillance, Environmental Controls, Intercom Communications, Wine Management, and complete remote access over any Internet connection. “With AMX as the backbone of the system, residing in four Middle Atlantic racks proudly on display in a dedicated equipment room, the control is limitless from any one of the 24 touchpanels or 13 handheld remotes,” says Then.

In concert with the AMX system is a Vantage Controls lighting system that makes the more than 520 light fixtures not only manageable, but touch-button easy when it comes to entertaining or setting the right mood. The 83 elegant Bticino Axolute keypads, strategically placed throughout the home, have replaced entire rows of standard light switches and they even add to the rooms’ decor.

“As you make your way through the home, you will be blanketed by hidden sound,” says Then. “With over 90 Stealth Acoustics Speakers carefully placed in 64 zones of audio, there are no ‘dead spots’ to be found.” Even with this many speakers, he adds, it remains very decorator friendly because of the lack of speaker grilles, boxes and hardware associated with traditional speakers that would compete with the decor.

Fourteen televisions can be found throughout the home and each has access to the six HD DVRs and eight Kaleidescape movie players connected to the 14-terabyte movie server. Some of the displays even pop up out of cabinetry to keep with the stealthy, decor-friendly theme. And because they’re all connected to home-run sources, there aren’t stacks of equipment in each room.

When common-sized screens aren’t enough, just move on to the media room When the time comes to watch something larger than life, make your way to the media room. The combination of gear from Revel, Lexicon, Stewart Filmscreen and Marantz provide all the performance of a true dedicated theater in an open, warm, welcoming, family friendly environment. “When the lights go down and it’s time to immerse yourself in a movie, the drapes can be closed to transform the space into a more intimate movie experience,” says Then.

When it comes to a symphony of design, technology and convenience, this wondrous home doesn’t miss a beat, and leaves the easy controls to the homeowners.

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Arlen Schweiger - Contributor, Electronic House Magazine
Arlen writes about home technology installations and product news and reviews for electronichouse.com and Electronic House magazine.

Installer/Equipment List

Systems Design & Installation
Advanced Home Environments
Woodbury, Minn.

Accoustone B-100 5
Advanced Signaling ASRB-1 6
Altronix ALTV-1224-DC 2
Altronix ALTV-244 1
AMX NXD-700vi 12
AMX NXD-1000vi 8
AMX MVP-5200i 3
AMX NI-3100/ICS 1
AMX NXC-Com2 15
AMX AVS-OCT-6464-007 1
AMX PSN 6.5 9
AMX AVS-MD-3232-340 1
AMX Met-Ecom 2
Antec EA650 RT 1
APC AP7932 3
Audio Control Architect 1601SE 6
AudioQuest King Cobra XLR 1
AudioQuest King Cobra XLR 7
AudioQuest HDMI-G 3
AudioQuest HDMI-G 3
Auton 1001:P 2
Axis 241s 2
Belden Analog Multi -Pair Snake Cable 1
Bryant SAM Module 2
Carlon 2” Flexible Raceway 600
Coleman RG6 Quad Shield 9
Coleman Cat 5e 20
Coleman Cat 5e 7
Coleman Cat 5e 3
Coleman 16/2 7
Coleman 16/4 5
Coleman 14/2 12
Coleman 14/4 3
Coleman 16/4 14
Coleman 16/2 Direct Burial 1
Custom Custom Wood Enclosure for 10” Modero 1
Fastenal 8 x 3/4 Flat Head Screws 1
FlexTray 2x4x10 4
FlexTray CTR HGR 10
FlexTray Trapeze Suptz 1
FlexTray 2x12x10 4
Furman D10PFP 1
Gefen EXT-RS232 18
Gefen EXT-USB-Mini 1
Hitachi Cat 6 6
HP Procurve Access Point 530 4
HP Procurve Switch 5406ZL-48G 1
HP Procurve Switch ZL24 2
HP Procurve Switch 5400ZL 1
HP Procurve Switch 3500YL 1
Integra Tun-3.7 2
Integra C-HDSat 2
Integra IRJ-070-3 2
James Audio 109-GSP 1
James Audio 129-GSP 1
Kaleidescape Kplayer-6000 8
Kaleidescape Kserver-5000 1
Kaleidescape Kdisk-1000 14
Kaleidescape Family DVD Collection 1
Kaleidescape Sports DVD Collection 1
Kaleidescape Academy Award Winners DVD Collection 1
Key Digital KD-HDP50X 1
Leviton Wall Plates with Mulitple Inserts 30
Leviton 41084—FEF 136
Lexicon ZX-7 1
Lexicon MC12HD B 1
Lexicon Mic Kit 1
Liberty CM-RG59U-RCA 400
Liberty Custom Rack Plate 1
Liberty Custom Rack Plate 1
Liberty Custom Wall Plate 6
Liberty PC-S94 140
Liberty SD-Interflex 150
M&S Intercom DMC-10H 1
M&S Intercom DMC-10RS 1
Marantz VPS-11S2 1
MD Manufacturing Air Force S5 2
Middle Atlantic RSH4A6XX LEXICON ZX7 1
Middle Atlantic RSH4A5R LEXICON MC12HD 1
Middle Atlantic MRK-4436 3
Middle Atlantic MRK-4426 1
Middle Atlantic RSH4A2M MOTOROLA DCT6412 6
Middle Atlantic PFD-44 4
Middle Atlantic MW-10FT-FC 4
Middle Atlantic FC-4-IC 1
Middle Atlantic BR-2 4
Middle Atlantic R-20-IG 8
Middle Atlantic MPR-9 1
Middle Atlantic AXS-26-GG 1
Middle Atlantic TS-1640 1
Middle Atlantic Track 50 1
Middle Atlantic Cab-Cool 1
Middle Atlantic RSH4A3R SONY BDPS5000ES 1
Middle Atlantic HBL1 4
Middle Atlantic HBL4 2
Middle Atlantic VTB-1 13
Middle Atlantic D4 1
Middle Atlantic SPN-44-267 1
Middle Atlantic SPN-44-36 3
Middle Atlantic PB-DWR 2
Middle Atlantic MPR-8 1
Middle Atlantic RLM-20IG 8
Middle Atlantic T24X6 1
Middle Atlantic T80X6 1
Milestek Solder on RCA Ends 25
Milestek DB9 M Standard Housing 25
Milestek DB9 F Standard Housing 25
Milestek DB9 Plastic Hood 50
Milestek Right Angle RCA Ends 24
Milestek DB25 F-F Gender Changer 5
Milestek 48 Port Patch Panel 1
Milestek 3x16 Mixed Connector Patch Bay 2
Milestek 1x8 Mixed Connector Patch Bay 1
Misc Cat 5 Patch Cables 300
Monster Cable MPHTFSIWHC 14
Muxlab 500900 1
Neutrik NL4FC 140
Niles 1.25A 6
Niles C5 14
Open House H336 2
Open House HC36A 2
Panamax M4400-20A 6
Panasonic TH-32LR11UK 1
Panasonic TY-FB10HMD 1
Panasonic TY-42TM6V 1
Panduit CMR19x84 1
Panduit WMPVHC45E 2
Panduit WMPVHC45EP 2
Panduit DPA485E88TGY 5
Panduit DPA48688TGY 1
Panduit DPA485E88TGY 1
Panduit NMF4 1
Panduit PRSP5 10
Pioneer Pro-950HD 6
Pioneer Pro-151FD 1
Pioneer Pro-111FD 1
ReQuest Echo-1200 2
ReQuest F4-1200 1
Revel Performa F52 2
Revel Performa C52 1
Revel Performa B15 2
Revel IC80 4
Revel IC80 Rough In Bracket 2
Samsung LN-55A950 1
Samsung LN-22A450 1
Samsung LN-22A330 1
Sanus XA2A-B1 1
Sanus LA112 2
Sanus VMPL2B 6
Sanus VMPL3B 1
SDC Electronic Door Lock 15
Sirius SCH2P 2
Sonance FS4 2
SonicWall NSA240 2
Sony BDP-S5000ES 1
Speakercraft OE6 One 2
Speakercraft Aim7 DT3 1
Stealth Acoustics AX3 20
Stealth Acoustics FX6 18
Stealth Acoustics STX8 8
Stealth Acoustics B1630 2
Stealth Acoustics 255R 2
Stewart 110” StudioTek 130 G3 ScreenWall Electrimask Horizontal 1
Vantage SPER-4-IC 7
Vantage IRME-36 2
Vantage IC-36 2
Vantage MDS8RW101 28
Vantage KA13S 83
Vantage HA4803XS 83
Vantage Fan Cap 5
Vantage VDA-0143 1
Vantage VDA-0040-L 1
Vantage KS11PB 7
Vantage FP1SPX 7
Vantage Sensor1-G 4
Vantage VDA-0015-L 1
Vantage Q-Manual 6
Vantage RFE1000 1
Viking Supply 20a Power Plugs 6
Viking Supply 20a Receptacle 4
Xantech 282M 11

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