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Home Office Plasma Takes a Spin
See how a homeowner integrated a 42-inch plasma into a narrow space.
spinning plasma on a custom mount
The 42-inch NEC plasma TV in this home office was placed on a custom-designed mount that rotates the TV vertically so it can be stowed inside a narrow storage area. Photo by Electronic Systems Consultants
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January 26, 2007 by EH Staff

TVs have become about as common in home offices as yellow Post-it notes. The sets are great it you want to catch the weather, bits of news and stock reports, but they can be a distraction both to your productivity and to the design of the room.

The owners of this sleek home office were able to preserve the clean, professional lines of the space by having their 42-inch NEC plasma TV planted behind moveable wall paneling. In that position, the stately panels finish off the area beautifully. But when the owners press a button on a wireless AMX touchpanel, the wall panels slide like pocket doors to begin a dramatic transformation.

After the motorized panels have opened, a specially designed mount from ElectroKinetics pushes the 42-inch plasma out of its hiding place and rotates it from its stored vertical position to a more viewable horizontal position. The reverse action happens when the TV goes away. Anson Fogel of Electronic Systems Consultants explains that a narrow storage bay necessitated mounting the screen vertically. His Aspen-based electronics design firm had to time the movement of the motor-driven panels and the TV mount precisely to ensure that all the sliding, pushing and twisting would happen seamlessly.

Electronics Design and Installation:
Electronic Systems Consultants of Aspen, CO.

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