Home Theater $50,001-$100,000
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Home of the Year Awards 2007: Home Theater $50,001-$100,000
Home Theater $50,001-$100,000
Home of the Year Awards 2007: Home Theater $50,001-$100,000
High-end equipment, comfort and multipurpose spaces define these mid-to-high home theaters.
May 01, 2007 by EH Staff

Gold Winner:
The Multipurpose, Multitasking Entertainment Room
How does a high-powered Wall Street couple relax? “We used to love going out for cocktail hour after work,” says the lady of the house. But that’s become nearly impossible since the couple built a home in the Jersey suburbs and she now concentrates on raising a family. The solution: Bring that cocktail hour home.

Silver Winner:
Benefits of the Latest and Greatest
Building a home theater is definitely better the second time around. Case in point, projectors that can do 1080p high-definition resolution weren’t available to this New Jersey homeowner when he was watching movies in his previous house’s theater.

Bronze Winner:
Home Theater with Waterfalls
Some people derive inspiration for their theaters from hobbies and pastimes. Others create the space to remember a favorite vacation spot. The owners of this lower-level redo, Robert and Rhonda Seebold, looked no further than their backyard for ideas for their entertainment destination.

Runner Up:
Walking the Street of Dreams
Just before it went on display, these homeowners added a little entertainment to their multimillion-dollar mix.

Runner Up:
Entertainment Wanted for Weekend Retreat
With an average workweek totalling 60 or more hours, this workaholic asked for a place that would have him working for the weekend.

Runner Up:
Everyone Loves a Parade Home
The Parade of Homes showpiece needed an upgrade that would please the eventual homeowners -- without knowing who they may be.

Runner Up:
Theater Strives for ‘50s Look & Modern Technology
Two fans of the classics wanted the works when it came to their home theater.

Runner Up:
Theater Gets Asian-Flavored Makeover
From multipurpose to media room, this makeover added an Asian theme to the traditional theater.

Runner Up:
Sunken Theater is a Real Treasure
Creating a new spin on the traditional build gives these homeowners a unique view of home theater.

Runner Up:
Out of the Game and Into Theater
This family wanted to ditch their game room and create a killer home theater.

Runner Up:
Ride ‘Em Cowboy
Any time he wants, this theater buff can ride off into the sunset -- all without leaving his home.

Runner Up:
The Trifecta of Home Theater
Cramming a library, a guestroom and a theater into this one space redefines the term "multitask."

Runner Up:
Family Dedicates Entire Floor to Entertainment
Home theater tops off this level, which includes a wine cellar, bar, and gaming, media and exercise rooms.

Runner Up:
Victorious Victorian Theater
One family wanted a home theater that oozed elegance, but was still easy to operate.

Runner Up:
Born-Again Basement
The goal of this home theater was to keep everything hidden -- and out of the way.

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