Home Theater $10,001-$25,000
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Home of the Year Awards 2007: Home Theater $10,001-$25,000
Home Theater $10,001-$25,000
Home of the Year Awards 2007: Home Theater $10,001-$25,000
These budget-minded theaters prove that great entertainment doesn't need to break the bank.
May 01, 2007 by EH Staff

Gold Winner:
Experience Pays Off With Second Theater
Some people just have to have a home theater—and Florida homeowner Sean Tierney is one of them. “Basically, the reason I have a home theater is that I’m tired of disruptive people at traditional movie theaters,” Tierney says. “I purchased a home about a year ago, and we had empty room upstairs that I thought would be perfect for a home theater.”

Silver Winner:
Three-Car Garage Reborn as Home Theater
A theater doesn’t have to go in the basement, a bonus room or an unused guest room. In fact, it doesn’t even have to go in your house. The owners of this cozy entertainment retreat proved that it can pay to look outside the box when devoting a spot to a home theater. Rather than have their theater take up space inside their house, they converted a tandem three-car garage into a 160-square-foot, six-seat entertainment escape.

Bronze Winner:
Homeowner Expertise Leads to Easy Theater Installation
Talk about homeowners who knew exactly what they were looking for in a home theater. Darby and Libby Williams made system installer Hi-Fidelity’s job “a rather easy one.” That’s because Darby’s the one who built the house, and wife Libby’s the one who designed it. When the Williamses began planning their basement home theater, they wanted warmth and coziness—nothing too fancy or too traditional—some storage space, bright sound, and, of course, a big screen (the 21-inch set in their living room just wasn’t cutting it anymore).

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