Home Theater $50,001-$100,000
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Home of the Year Awards 2006 - Home Theater $50,001-$100,000
Home Theater $50,001-$100,000
Home of the Year Awards 2006 - Home Theater $50,001-$100,000
Home theater seating, room design, speakers and video projectors come into play to create the best home theater experience.
Gold Winner - Home Theater $50,001-$100,000. Photo by William Psolka.
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May 01, 2006 by EH Staff
Gold Winner:
Pump Up the Volume
A renovation of a New Jersey family’s 25-year-old-house inspired the homeowners to turn their dark and dreary basement into a state-of-the-art home theater. Like most basements, this one offered plenty of space to incorporate the standard big-screen display, a slew of speakers and comfortable seating, plus a pool table and a bar at the back. But this home theater space is far from common.

Silver Winner:
Contemporary Road
No, it’s not your average home theater experience. And that’s just what the owners of this contemporary space wanted. “They didn’t want a theater that looked like a movie theater,” says Sean Weiner of Baltimore-area custom electronics company Starr Systems Design. “They wanted no frilly curtains, no simulated movie theater look, no popcorn machine. They just wanted a comfortable, contemporary space to enjoy movies, television and sporting events.”

Bronze Winner:
Something from Nothing
This home theater wasn’t even a room originally, but a hallway area that custom electronics company Audio Images and acoustics guru Anthony Grimani of Performance Media Industries (PMI) converted into a highly entertaining space.

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