Hitachi’s Hybrid Camcorder Gives 3 Ways to Record Full HD
The $999 DZ-BD10HA hybrid Blu-ray camcorder from Hitachi includes a 30-GB built-in hard drive and SDHC recording, which you can transfer onto the BD drive.
hitachi dz-bd10ha
Hitachi DZ-BD10HA hybrid Blu-ray camcorder
August 11, 2008 by Arlen Schweiger

Smile for the camera, and make sure those teeth have been brushed really good because it’ll be recorded on Blu-ray. Actually with Hitachi’s new DZ-BD10HA hybrid Blu-ray camcorder, it can be recorded onto an internal hard drive or onto an SDHC card and then transferred onto Blu-ray disc.

Whatever way you wish to record, you’ll be able to pristinely get every little detailed piece of spaghetti sauce your 2-year-old smears in her hair. You can also transcode it to standard DVD if Blu-ray hasn’t caught on with the rest of your family.

A 7 megapixel CMOS image sensor lets you grab Full HD videos and still images in 1920 x 1080 high-definition—you can record up to 4 hours and 20 minutes of that resolution, or 8 hours and 40 minutes in 1440 x 1080 onto the built-in 30-GB HDD.

One-touch dubbing also allows you to do the transferring from the hard drive or SDHC to the BD drive without having to turn on your PC. You can also do functions such as split, splice, delete, merge, and transitions within the camcorder.

The new camcorder also has a face detection feature, so you’ll get an even crisper look at the subjects you’re shooting. It automatically detects and focuses on the face, so all of the flesh tones, makeup and wrinkle lines will pop with the improved color accuracy and sharper picture.

The DZ-BD10HA will be available in North America in September for a MAP of $1,099.

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