Hidden Radio Doesn’t Need No Stinking Buttons
This minimalist design puts a new twist on the good old radio.
Hidden Radio
The Hidden Radio was the brainchild of Australian designer John Van Den Nieuwenhuizen, who is now based in San Francisco.
August 29, 2008 by Rachel Cericola

Buttons are so old school.

In an attempt to make the good old radio interesting again, the Hidden Radio is more like a puzzle. How the heck do you turn this thing on? Electricpig says you can twist and pull it to make radio magic.

The unit goes up and down for on/off functions. Twist it to tune in stations. There is an LED in the base to give you some indication of signal strength. However, it’s more about the light show, versus giving you any station info.

Australian designer John Van Den Nieuwenhuizen put his heart and soul, but no buttons, into this minimalist design.

It looks like a good Christmas gift, assuming you can find one. Apparently info on production or pricing is as hidden as the unit’s controls. Email the website to get more info.

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