Help with IR to RF Conversion
For about $65 the Next Gen remote extender will convert an IR remote signal to RF so you can hide your gear out of sight.
April 04, 2011 by EH Staff

Reader Malone wrote in to Ask-a-Pro:

I want to install an IR System that will allow me to “hide” the HD/DVR Receiver, Blu-ray DVD Player in a hall closet. What type of system should I be looking for? and, is this a system that can be installed by a “Do-it-yourself person?

CE Pro’s Robert Archer says:
There are IR to RF solutions from companies like URC and Logitech that will support the solution you are looking from retailers like Best Buy.

CE Pro’s Jason Knott adds:
There is a DIY device from NextGen Remotes that converts IR to RF that will do this for you.

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