Isolated Home Theater Still Roars
Soundproofing proved to be a challenge for homeowners turning their basement into a dedicated home theater on a $70,000 budget.
A 120-inch perforated Stewart Filmscreen display allows audio from three Energy Veritas in-wall speakers to sound through from behind.
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October 29, 2007 by Steven Castle

Surround speakers were placed in the angled soffits, Schwartz explained, because Trage used seven identical directional speakers for the sound system, as opposed to the conventional method of using more-ambient-sounding speakers for the surround channels. “We wanted to find the places where [they would create the most ambient effect]. This way, we’re creating a larger sweet spot in the room.”

Inside the room, decorative sound absorption material was hung an inch or two off the walls and ceiling to catch any unwanted sound reflections, explains Schwartz. “They’re inexpensive solutions that show you don’t have to spend $20,000 to treat a theater [for acoustics].”

The equipment rack and a cabinet for media storage are on the left wall. The 24-by-14-foot room has 10-foot-high ceilings, so the ceiling could be dropped eight inches. The owners opted not to do a floating suspended drywall ceiling to block sound, reasoning that when the home theater was in action, no one would be upstairs in the dining room.

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Steven Castle - Contributing Writer
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