HD VMD Shipping for $199
With few movies and a $200 price tag, NME's new player might give the HD DVD and Blu-ray groups someone to gang up on.
NME uses proprietary red laser technology to deliver a 1080p image.
January 09, 2008 by Rachel Cericola

The high-def DVD crowd can fight until they are Blu in the face. NME wants to throw a wrench into the equation with HD VMD.

New Medium Enterprises just announced that its HD VMD players are now shipping for $199. HD, wha?

HD VMD uses red lasers instead of blue. Whether it’s pink, silver, or mauve, considering the state of HD DVD, I can’t imagine that anyone wants to buy into another iffy format, even if it is 1080p.

Order this month and the player will ship with the Charles-Durning-Garry-Marshall joint “Mother Ghost” and cult flick “Cutting Room.”

NME just announced a distribution deal with SFM Entertainment. Will a Mr. Peepers release be far behind?

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Rachel Cericola - Contributing Writer
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