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HD Installers Announces TV Recycling
The installation company says it will offer the first nationwide TV recycling options.
HD Installers
HD Installers provides certified, insured, home theater installation anywhere in the U.S.
September 02, 2008 by Rachel Cericola

Installers can help you pick out a new TV, and even install it. However, will your old boob tube end up with a curbside funeral?

HD Installers wants to help you do the right thing—recycle that old clunker. The company just announced its new nationwide recycling program. However, it doesn’t look like the company will take just any old TV, so we can still expect to see some curb clutter. Instead, they will demount and dispose of your old LCD, plasma, LCoS, DLP or rear-projection TV. 

“We have had several customers that had purchased a first or second generation big-screen TV that they now would like to remove and either donate to local charity, if working, or ecologically dispose of televisions that are not salvageable,” says Layla Alford, HD Installers’ director of PR. “HD Installers isn’t marking up this service to be a huge money maker but the impact of improperly disposed LCD or Plasma TVs on the environment will have a far greater cost for all of us in the long run if we don’t start addressing this need now.”

To find out more about the service, call 866-431-4388 or visit the HD Installers website.

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