HD DVD Still Has Steam
A new report says that the defunct high-def format is still doing decent sales.
HD DVD Movies
Many HD DVD movie titles are still available—for cheap!
September 30, 2008 by Rachel Cericola

Old habits die hard. Despite the downfall of HD DVD earlier this year, the defunct format still seems to be selling.

Don’t expect HD DVD sales to give Blu-ray a run for your money, but Pocket-lint says that recent economic conditions have given a boost to the old, cheap standby. HD DVD hardware, which can also upscale standard-def DVDs, can be found fairly cheap. Also, many movie titles are on sale for below the $10 mark. 

Ryan Kugler, president of Distribution Video & Audio, said that his company scarfed up many of the HD DVDs that retailers returned to the studios—only to sell them off to those still using the hardware. “Cheap entertainment always does well in a recession or depression,” Kugler said.

So, are you still using your HD DVD player? If so, for HD DVD, standard-def DVD, or both? Finally, are you still buying up old HD DVD titles? Tell us where you do your shopping, as well as some of your best deals. Drop a Comment below.

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