HD DVD: A Demise Greatly Exaggerated?
HD DVD is dead. Or so says the media. How about waiting for consumers to make the final decision?
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January 21, 2008 by Cindy Davis

Everyone is saying that Warner’s decision is the blow that will be the one to take the HD DVD format down. The biggest blow didn’t come from Warner, it came from the HD DVD Promotional Group itself, who ran like scared puppies and canceled their press conference at CES. What do they want people to think? By the way, the HD DVD Promotional Group is not exactly a small group of small companies. My invitation to the press conference read: “Featuring executives from the HD DVD Promotional Group: Intel, Microsoft, Paramount Home Entertainment, Toshiba, Universal Studios Home Entertainment and Warner Home Video.”  Well I guess the last one wouldn’t have shown up.  What do they want people to think when they canceled the press conference? So let’s not just blame the press for jumping on the death of HD DVD bandwagon, when the HD DVD Promotional Group couldn’t even come up with something to say to defend its position.

Maybe there’s hope for the democratic process after all. In this day of the Internet where news and opinion are shared in nanoseconds by a community greater than a seemingly powerful promotional group, maybe the consumer will get to choose. There’s nobody to blame except for the information highway.

One note for all of us: There are real people just like you and me that are behind these products who stay up all night working to make the best product they know how. So when we slam them (sometimes anonymously via a blog) at least wince.

Cindy Davis is the Editor-in-Chief of Electronic House magazine. In five years when there are no optical discs to argue over she will be viewing Super HD (war TBD) content on her video wall (war TBD).

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