Hands On: Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt
An in-depth look at this security option and how it ties into Nexia Home Intelligence.
Schlage’s Touchscreen Deadbolt adds smart features by tying into the Nexia Home Intelligence system.
July 03, 2013 by Rachel Cericola

Setting up the Nexia account and Bridge requires your name, address, a user name, password and other tidbits. Once you confirm the registration, the system will ask what devices you’d like to connect. There are several options besides locks, including other locks, dimmers, security cameras, thermostats, motion sensors, and more.

Next, you need to register the Bridge, which is where things got frustrating for me. Nexia asks you to enter the Bridge’s MAC ID, which is located inside the battery compartment. From there, connect the Bridge to your router and—nothing. Mine would not connect. I changed ports and cables and still no love. After spending about 20 minutes listening to horrible on-hold music, I spoke to an incredibly nice, apologetic Nexia tech support person, who instructed me on how to reboot the Bridge. Success!

Once the Bridge is part of your account, you’ll need to add the lock. It’s easy, but also time sensitive. It’s also important to note that the setup needs to be completed within 6 feet of the lock, with the Bridge using battery power. Just push the Plus button on the Bridge (per the manual), enter the programming code on the back of the User Guide, and it’s all set. Plug the Bridge back into AC power and the router and you should see the device added to your online account. The Bridge also comes with an Appliance Module, which you can use on a lamp, your coffee maker, or any other plug-in device. This is just as easy to add to the system.

As soon as the lock is added to your Nexia account, you’ll be able to lock and unlock the door from the website, as well as program pass-codes, a Vacation Mode, an Alarm Mode, and more. Now, what if you don’t have a computer close by?

There’s An App for That!
Like pretty much everything these days, Nexia has an app, so users can tap into all of those home features from miles away or the living room couch. A smartphone or tablet is not needed to access the service, since the My Nexia website does provide all of the access you’d need. However, if you’re looking for control in a more portable package, the company offers a free app for iOS and Android devices.

The app pretty much mimics the web-based interface, with options for all of your connected devices. You will need to set up each device on a computer. However, once the installation is completed, those devices and all of your settings will automatically show up on the app.

The Touchscreen Deadbolt can be controlled through Nexia’s iOS and Android apps.

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