Hands On: Panasonic TC-L47WT60 LCD TV
Voice control, facial recognition and advanced picture controls make this a fun TV
October 29, 2013 by Grant Clauser

With this TV you get two remotes. One is a standard wand style remote which most people will depend on because it’s what they’re accustomed to. Panasonic is hedging its bets on the future of TV control by also throwing in a small touchpad remote with a microphone for voice control. By talking into the remote’s microphone you can change inputs, channels and conduct web searches. The system works surprisingly well. The TVs dual-core processor makes web functions pretty snappy. You can also do the voice control trick with Panasonic’s smartphone app. Even though the feature works, I’m still not convinced it’s that useful, but maybe I’m just being a curmudgeon.

For connections, you get three HDMI inputs (one with an audio return channel), three USB ports, an SD card slot, an optical audio output, Ethernet and component.

When you turn the TV on, one of the first things you notice, or don’t notice, is the lack of glare. Panasonic used anti-glare filter that actually works, so glare from ambient light is much better than on other recent TVs.

The picture controls are pretty substantial on this TV. Unlike Panasonic’s top plasmas, this doesn’t get THX certification (THX is pretty frugal with its logo for LCD TVs), but there’s a Cinema mode that will get most people in the ball park. For calibrators or advanced users there’s white balance, saturation, luminance and hue adjustment for red, blue and green, plus gamma and a handful of other settings that will keep a tweaker busy. Most of the setting like Resolution Remaster and Brilliance Enhancer should be left off.

As I noted earlier, this TV is world’s better than last year’s Panasonic LCD. Mostly I was impressed with the improvements in black levels and the overall punchiness of the colors. Sometimes I’d see uneven bands in the backlighting or areas of light leakage around bright objects, but overall this is a very good looking TV. You’ll see more of those issues when watching in a dark room. If you watch TV mostly in a room with lights on, then you’re not likely to notice the lighter areas as much.

Panasonic gives you four sets of passive 3D glasses. 3D looked good. The image stayed bright, with minimal noticeable crosstalk, but if you’re too close to the screen you’ll notice the resolution drop that passive 3D produces.

The fact that Panasonic is making better looking LCD TVs is a very good thing, because while I greatly prefer their plasma TVs, we won’t see them for much longer. The company recently announced that it’s ending plasma production. If this TV is a sign of where they’re going with LCD, then Panasonic is on the right path.

Panasonic TC-L47WT60 LCD TV


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