Hands On: Iogear Wireless A/V Kit
Wirelessly connects PCs to TVs to stream audio and video.
Iogear Wireless A/V Kit
October 14, 2009 by Tom LeBlanc

I was in the middle of catching up with season 5 of “Lost” when I got an Iogear Wireless Audio/Video Kit to review.

Talk about perfect timing.

The kit is designed to let people wirelessly connect their PC (fully compatible with Windows XP and Vista) to their TV to stream audio and video up to 720p HD.

Long story short: It was easy to set up, “Lost” episodes on ABC.com looked great, and my iTunes library sounded good through my NAD receiver and Energy speakers.

Setup is Easy

Setup took about an hour, but about 30 minutes of it was spent fiddling with my TV to make it recognize a new input. The Iogear part of the installation was as simple as plugging in a wireless VGA receiver, wireless audio receiver and a wireless USB transmitter.

It came with a 6-foot VGA cable, VGA adapter, USB cables, software and everything else I needed. I installed the software on my laptop in about five minutes. The hardware connections took about 20 minutes. There are clear instructions for choosing screen resolution and several choices for connecting audio.

Wireless is a Good Fit

The satisfaction of seeing my laptop desktop on my TV screen came pretty quick. My first move was to watch a couple of videos on Hulu, and I was pleased with the performance.

Then my wife and I watched our short, self-edited wedding video, which we had only previously watched on a computer screen. That was cool. We also perused some photos.

The wireless aspect is great. Being able to view local computer content on a TV is nothing new, but it usually requires connecting a laptop to a TV. The Iogear solution makes it easier to impulsively decide to watch a YouTube video or check out some photos since it’s as simple as popping the wireless transmitter into the USB port.

My only complaint is that I had to keep the wireless adapter in a pretty clear line of sight with the adapter connected to the TV. The directions aren’t misleading in any way, but I was hoping there would be more wiggle room there.

Good Solution

If you like to access online content on your TV, then you should definitely consider picking up the Iogear Wireless Audio/Video Kit. It’s convenient, easy to install, and the 720p video content is better than you’d expect.

Plus at $349.95, it’s a good entry-level solution.

Iogear Wireless A/V Kit Specs

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