Hands On: Aperion Allaire Aris Wireless Speaker System
This tabletop system allows for a few music options and packs quite the wallop.
August 26, 2013 by Rachel Cericola

Aperion also doesn’t make the Bluetooth dongle. It’s Avantree’s Bluetooth Music Receiver, also known as the Roxa. The downer about this thing is that it requires another cable. Can we technically still call this setup wireless? It doesn’t really matter, because the important thing is that it makes this setup easier.

The dongle plugs into an available outlet and connects to the Aris via a 3.5mm cable. Once connected, it took my iPhone all of 3 seconds to find the Roxa and connect. From there, it was a streaming dream. Everything stored on my iPhone, Spotify and Pandora all streamed perfectly. Even my kid’s apps and Breaking Bad on Netflix came though. Even better, it allowed me to use the iPhone for volume control, which I had problems with using the Windows card. There were no extra buttons, rendering or other extra steps. It just worked.

Oh—and all those things sounded great. Really, I can’t gush about this thing enough. Even if you opt for the Wi-Fi card (don’t do that), you’re still going to be treated to stellar sound. I tested out country, pop, rap, techno, punk, and plenty of other audio options. The Aris delivers a lot of detailed sounds, especially when you think about how compact it is. It can also pump out killer bass! What a nice little surprise. It’s also a nice touch to have the EQ button, which offers three preset sound modes. Frankly, I think it would sound great without that, but who doesn’t love options?

It should also be noted that the Aris can go very loud, without any type of distortion. It was almost painfully loud. In other words, this thing could easily service a party or other large gathering, without missing a beat.

Now What?
If you’re contemplating a tabletop speaker, you can’t go wrong with the Aperion Aris. It’s got a few extra quirks and add-ons, but it delivers in the sound department—and isn’t that why we’re here in the first place? Really, it’s doesn’t just deliver, but delivers well. This thing actually rivals a few home theater systems I’ve checked out in the past.

Also, even though you won’t need all of them, it’s nice to have options. Whether you go with Windows, Bluetooth or just use the speaker on its own, it’s not going to disappoint. And because it had all of those options, the Aris seems ready and willing for future upgrades.

Aperion Audio Allaire Aris Wireless Speaker System
Starts at $297

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